Summer Foot Care Tips

Dr. Ronald Sollitto owns and operates Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc., in Saddle Brook, NJ. A longtime New Jersey resident, Dr. Ronald Sollitto was named to Who’s Who in Ambulatory Surgery in 2010 and 2011. His area of expertise is the foot, ankle and leg.

Due to heat and humidity, fungal foot infections and warts occur more often during summer months. While wearing enclosed shoes, be sure to expose your feet to air throughout the day in order to dry them out. Nylon stockings are a significant contributor to fungal foot infections.

Unfortunately, flip flops are not the answer to summer foot sweat. Because they provide very little support, flip flops can cause multiple problems, including pain, blisters, or other injuries in the arch or ball of the foot.

Many people, especially children, are inclined to go barefoot during the summer. Walking or playing barefoot increases the risk of puncture wounds on the sole of the foot. Sharp objects like wood or glass, once lodged in the foot, can be difficult to remove. If no object is visible, ward off an infection thoroughly by soaking your foot in warm, soapy water and applying a topical antibiotic. If the object cannot be removed, contact your physician.

Do not forget your feet when applying sunscreen. You can easily get sunburned on your feet from just a small amount of sun exposure.

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The Saddle River Valley Club By Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH

The Saddle River Valley Swim and Tennis Club (SRVC) is a membership-driven, non-profit social club in Bergen County, New Jersey. Opened in 1972, the Saddle River Valley Swim and Tennis Club is situated on 7.8 acres of partially forested, mixed use land and open each summer from the Memorial Day to the Labor Day weekends. Members and guests may take swimming, diving, and tennis lessons at SRVC, and there are competitive sporting events held at the club each year. Currently, membership is capped at 550 families. The SRVC pool and tennis facilities are open to guests at select times of the day throughout the summer.

Dr. Ronald Sollitto is the Chief Executive Officer at Saddle Brook Surgicenter in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, and a member of the Saddle River Valley Swim and Tennis Club. Through family membership since 2007, Dr. Ronald Sollitto is doing his part to ensure that the Saddle River Valley Club continues its service to the community for many years to come.

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Notre Dame’s ECK Institute for Global Health Announces Collaboration With Indiana University School Of Medicine

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Ronald Sollitto is the CEO of Saddle Brook Surgicenter in New Jersey. He is also President of the Mayhill Medical Group, LLC, also located in Saddle Brook, NJ. Having begun his pre-med studies at Notre Dame, Dr. Sollitto is now a substantial donor to the University, supporting it for more than 20 years.

Recently, Notre Dame’s ECK Institute for Global Health teamed up with Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) to create an integrated dual degree program that will offer students a Medical Doctor/Master of Science in Global Health (M.D./M.S.). The program will be open to IUSM medical students who intend to practice medicine in underserved regions of the world.

Gregory Crawford, the dean of Notre Dame’s College of Science, explained that the University is enthusiastic about this program, because it will allow graduates to make a significant impact on the health of underserved populations.

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“Ambulatory Surgery Center Development Tips,” by Dr. Ronald Sollitto, NJ

The first step when developing an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) involves understanding the needs of physicians and actively pursuing their input. Administrators should interview their team of medical professionals, making sure to ask questions about workflow, patient relations, and equipment requirements. Administrators can then apply this information to new ASC development plans.

It is important to research and understand the prospective case volume of any ASC project. When trying to determine future case volume for an ASC expansion, take the number of cases at a comparable but established ASC facility and cut it by half. This method prevents overly optimistic or pessimistic ASC developers from building establishments too large or too small to deal with the influx of patients.

The above tips cover only the early stages of ASC development, an important time when proper preparation can play a substantial role in success.

About the Author: Dr. Ronald Sollitto, New Jersey resident, pioneered ambulatory surgery center construction in the state of New Jersey. He presently serves as Chief Executive Officer for the Saddle Brook Surgicenter.

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A History of the Town of Saddle Brook by Dr. Ronald Sollitto

In the early 1700s, English settlers named the region encompassing the Saddle River Township “New Barbados” after an island in the West Indies. In the area now known as New Jersey, they drew boundaries based on nearby rivers for a township that approximated the shape of a saddle. This earned the new town its name of Saddle River.

Originally larger than its present size, the town of Saddle River enveloped sections that later seceded to form separate towns. These included Garfield, Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood, Fair Lawn, and East Paterson, the last of which became Elmwood Park.

Saddle Brook remained an agricultural community until the 1900s. With the growth of commerce and new technologies, the town embraced modern progress, welcoming horse-drawn carriages and then cars, streetlamps, and sidewalks, among other inventions. Then in 1955, when citizens wished to bring a post office to their town, they renamed it Saddle Brook in order to avoid conflicting with nearby communities.

About Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH: Currently working in the town of Saddle Brook, NJ, Dr. Ronald Sollitto earned his medical degrees from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the University of Health Sciences Antigua College of Medicine. Dr. Sollitto earned his Master of Public Health from Columbia University. He received mention on the list of Who’s Who in the Ambulatory Surgery Industry in 2010 and 2011.

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Treating Chronic Heel Pain, by Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH

Heel pain stems primarily from overuse, and more rarely, from injury. Swollen and tender heels may result from hard or awkward landings or turning of the foot, running on concrete, shoes offering little support, or the tightening of leg muscles. Conditions with related heel pain include plantar fasciitis, bursitis, Achilles tendinitis, and bone spurs in the heel.

If self-care measures like resting, ice applications, pain medication, shoe supports, or new shoes do not relieve pain, then individuals should see a physician. Treatment will depend on the cause of heel pain, and may include prescription medication. A doctor may refer patients to a physical therapist to learn exercises that stretch and strengthen their feet. Additionally, a physician may recommend a night splint to help stretch the foot.

Some cases of heel pain do not respond to self-care and medical management. I have treated cases successfully using radiofrequency nerve ablation (RFNA). In this procedure, I place an electrode into the tissue of the painful area. Then, I administer an electric current that delivers heat, thereby destroying the sensory nerve fibers beneath the skin. Another advance in the treatment of heel pain is extracorporeal shock wave therapy, in which a physician targets strong sound waves to the heel pain area. Both of these treatments only require short recovery periods.

About the author: Dr. Ronald Sollitto has written about the treatment of chronic heel pain in The Foot & Ankle Specialist. An experienced Surgeon of the foot, ankle, and lower leg, he currently oversees the daily operations as CEO of Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc., in New Jersey. Dr. Sollitto holds Diplomate status with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and the American Board of Forensic Medicine.

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Dr. Ronald Sollitto: Understanding Localized Ankle Cartilage Damage

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Lewis (1918) Gray’s Anatomy 20th ed (in public domain at Yahoo or BartleBy)

One common ankle problem involves localized cartilage damage, which can compromise the long-term integrity of the joint. More widespread osteoarthritis is common with aging, while rheumatoid arthritis involves joint inflammation, and can begin at an early age. Post-injury arthritis, on the other hand, is characterized by localized joint damage. This often occurs from sprains and twisted ankles encountered during sports and other daily activities. This cartilage damage is typically centered around the ankle joint’s lower bone, the talus.
A significant percentage of people sustain ankle injuries that involve damage to the cartilage. Early identification with the aid of xray and MRI scanning is of vital importance. Dr. Ronald Sollitto has treated many patients with this condition. It can eventually lead to more serious widespread ankle arthritis, and should be treated as soon as possible.

A well-established Saddle Brook surgeon of the foot and ankle, Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH, maintains one of New Jersey’s premier ambulatory surgery centers. Dr. Sollitto has performed numerous ankle surgeries as a means of addressing certain types of pain associated with this important joint.

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