Three Kinds of Classical Piano Pieces

Dr. Ronald Sollitto has served as chief executive officer of Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc., for more than two decades. Outside of his professional pursuits, Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH, plays classical piano.

There are a number of classical piano pieces that remain popular today, ranging from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Appassionata, to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. These and other classical piano pieces can be separated into three categories. Piano sonatas originated during the classical period, and are comprised of three to four distinct, unaccompanied movements. In addition to Appassionata, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Dr. Sollitto’s favorite), and Piano Sonata No. 3 by Frederic Chopin are well-known examples of the sonata. Classical pianists can also play as part of a piano trio, one of the more popular forms of chamber music. A piano trio consists of a classical pianist and two accompanying instruments, such as a violin and cello. A piano trio becomes a piano quintet with four accompanying instruments. Lastly, a piano concerto consists of an orchestral ensemble serving as a group counterpoint to the piano, which is used as the piece’s solo instrument.


About Dr. Ronald Sollitto

Dr. Ronald Sollitto is Chief Executive Officer of Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc.
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