A History of the Town of Saddle Brook by Dr. Ronald Sollitto

In the early 1700s, English settlers named the region encompassing the Saddle River Township “New Barbados” after an island in the West Indies. In the area now known as New Jersey, they drew boundaries based on nearby rivers for a township that approximated the shape of a saddle. This earned the new town its name of Saddle River.

Originally larger than its present size, the town of Saddle River enveloped sections that later seceded to form separate towns. These included Garfield, Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood, Fair Lawn, and East Paterson, the last of which became Elmwood Park.

Saddle Brook remained an agricultural community until the 1900s. With the growth of commerce and new technologies, the town embraced modern progress, welcoming horse-drawn carriages and then cars, streetlamps, and sidewalks, among other inventions. Then in 1955, when citizens wished to bring a post office to their town, they renamed it Saddle Brook in order to avoid conflicting with nearby communities.

About Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH: Currently working in the town of Saddle Brook, NJ, Dr. Ronald Sollitto earned his medical degrees from The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the University of Health Sciences Antigua College of Medicine. Dr. Sollitto earned his Master of Public Health from Columbia University. He received mention on the list of Who’s Who in the Ambulatory Surgery Industry in 2010 and 2011.

About Dr. Ronald Sollitto

Dr. Ronald Sollitto is Chief Executive Officer of Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc.
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