The New Jersey Honor Legion, by Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH

Short for The Honor Legion of the Police Departments of the State of New Jersey, the New Jersey Honor Legion was founded in December 1966. A non-political fraternal organization, the New Jersey Honor Legion consists of more than 5,000 law enforcement officers who work within the state, including local, county, state, and federal personnel.

To support its members, the group runs numerous charity events, such as its annual President’s Ball and golf outing, and assists with social programs, particularly those benefiting children with disabilities. When a law enforcement officer is injured in the line of duty, this organization provides moral support to the family, as well as financial assistance through its Widows and Orphans Fund and Death Assistance Contributions. Members can also be nominated for the Outstanding Police Officer of the Year Award, and college-aged children may be eligible for New Jersey Honor Legion scholarships.

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About the Author:

From Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc., in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, Ronald Sollitto, DPM, MD, MPH, cares for patients as a physician while serving as its Chief Executive Officer and Administrator. In charitable matters, Dr. Sollitto supports the efforts of the New Jersey Honor Legion. He was inducted into the Honor Legion in 2003, and is a Police Surgeon in the State of New Jersey.

About Dr. Ronald Sollitto

Dr. Ronald Sollitto is Chief Executive Officer of Saddle Brook Surgicenter, Inc.
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